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International Shipping

If you plan to ship something other than documents out of the country, you must follow a series of specific steps.

  1. Fill out the form at UNC Export Control to find out if you need an export license.
  2. If you are shipping something that could be potentially hazardous, contact Environment, Health, and Safety.
    • Give them the same information you gave Export Control.
    • Tell them if Export Control said you needed a license or not.
  3. Pack the shipment.
    • If it is hazardous, please make sure you are trained.
    • Attach any labels EHS told you to use.
    • Dry ice labels are on the back left shelf in Rosenau 149.
  4. Ask Robin for a shipping label. Please provide:
    • Address
    • Phone Number
    • Item Description
    • Customs Value
    • Letter to Customs (if recommended by EHS)
    • Weight of package (there is a scale in 148 Rosenau)
    • Weight of dry ice if necessary
    • Funding information (Project ID, cost center, or other)
    • Service Type (Overnight, 2-Day, etc.)
    • Make sure she knows you have already contacted Export Control and EHS.


University Shipping and Receiving Guidebook

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