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Dry Ice

See Finance’s gas and dry ice page.

Returning Cylinders – Airgas

  1. Go to Buy Carolina.
  2. Under “Additional Stores,” go to Airgas.
    Screenshot of "Additional Stores" in BuyCarolina
  3. Search for the cylinder’s catalog number, and add it to the cart.
  4. Go to cart.
    Screenshot of Airgas shopping cart item
  5. If you do not need any new cylinders, change Qty to 0.
  6. In the “Cylinders Returning” box, add the number of cylinders being returned.
  7. Click “Update.”
  8. Check out as normal.
  9. When you get to the Checkout – Review and Submit page, go to the requisition comments and type: cylinder bar code, pickup address, room number, and phone number. Check “Send to Supplier.”
    Screenshot of comments section of requisition page
  10. Finish checking out.

Note: If you are getting error messages when trying to request cylinder pickup, double-check the “account code” in the Chartfields2 tab. You may need to change it to 537210.

Returning cylinders – ARC3

See instructions.

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