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Most lab orders go directly to the lab, but sometimes they come to 148 Rosenau instead. If we get a package with your name on it, we will email you. If it is temperature-sensitive and we cannot contact you, we will try to find someone from your lab to claim it.

If you expect a freight shipment (items over 150 lbs), please make sure you:

  • arrange for inside delivery
  • provide the shipper your direct contact information
  • notify Robin Whitley or SPH facilities.

Do not give the department’s FedEx number out unless you have checked with Robin Whitley.

Shipping Address

Your Name/Lab Name
Street Address
Room # and Building Name
Chapel Hill, NC 27599

If you expect something to go via the US Postal Service, please add CB# 7431.

Street Addresses

Hooker Research Center – 135 Dauer Dr.
McGavran-Greenberg Hall – 401 Pittsboro St.
Rosenau Hall – 421 Pittsboro St.

Note: The school uses 135 Dauer Dr. for all three buildings. but delivery people find it easier if you use the above addresses.

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