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While “per diem” does mean “per day,” UNC actually provides a set amount for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. UNC will not reimburse any meals for a trip with no overnight stay.

You cannot claim snacks.

Partial Day Travel

There are special rules for the first and last day of a trip, also known as “partial day” travel.

  • Breakfast, first day: Must have left before 6 am
  • Lunch, first day: Must have left before 12 pm
  • Lunch, last day: Must have returned after 2 pm
  • Dinner, last day: Must have returned after 8 pm

Calculating Per Diem

Faculty and staff

Your rates will automatically be calculated by Concur when you designate which meals you are claiming. See: Using the Travel Allowance Wizard


See Travel Allowances, Mileage, and Per Diem Rates and this flowchart for determining per diem rates. Partial day rates are calculated at 75% of that day’s rate.

Please note – this does not mean 75% of each meal cost. If you claim lunch and dinner but not breakfast, the regular cost of breakfast will be subtracted from the total partial day rate.

Example: The partial day rate for the entire day is $55.50. The regular rate for breakfast is $18. You will receive $37.50. (Unfortunately, these are federal rules.)

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