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General Concerns


UNC Global’s Travel Information page

Traveling on Grants

Make sure your grant allows for international travel. If it’s not explicitly written into the budget, the budget will have be revised.

Air Travel

If you travel on a federal grant, you must fly into and out of the country on a US-owned/flagged airline.

Required Steps

  1. Request travel permission: see the Gillings Global Travel Kit. Your permission must be included with the rest of your documentation.
  2. Request telework permission: If you are faculty or staff and plan to work while overseas, you must fill out a Telework request. This will route through HR, Export Control, and other UNC working groups.
  3. Export Control:
    • Faculty/Staff: If you are traveling with University-owned research equipment/supplies valued at over $2500, please contact the Export Control office as soon as possible, as you will have to file paperwork to leave the country with the items.
    • Students: Check the section under International Travel to see if you need to contact Export Control.
  4. Travel Insurance:
    • Faculty and staff should fill out form 1409.1.1f (up through the “Insured Status” column) and give it to whoever is helping you with your travel. This allows the department to pay directly so you don’t go out of pocket. Please include both the city and country you are traveling to under “Host Country.”
    • Student instructions will depend on how the travel is being processed; see Student Travel.
    • If you are traveling to multiple destinations, each should have its own line in the spreadsheet.
    • There’s more information on travel insurance, what it covers, and what it costs at the Finance Policy page.
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