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Some purchases must go through UNC Purchasing before you agree to buy anything or a company performs a service. To do this, we must create a requisition, which will become a purchase order.

Purchase orders are required for the following:

  • All orders over $5000*
  • Any time a company wants a signature
  • Radioactive items
  • Paying a company before work begins or a product is shipped.

All purchase orders must go through Robin Whitley.

* Exception: Some Buy Carolina vendors allow charges up to $25,000. The list is available on the Buy Carolina site. Also, all subcontracts are processed as vouchers.


  • Quote from the company – always required
  • Waiver of competition – required if the quote is over $25,000**. The justification is now on the form itself, but if you need more space you can use an accompanying memo. See sole source writing guidelines
    • If necessary, there is an informal bidding process we can use instead of a waiver for purchases between $25,000.01 and $100,000.
  • Data protection checklist – required for software or IT service purchases

**Exception: Vendors with a state contract, which includes epro vendors. The contract has to be referenced. If the quote is over $100,000, you must do a waiver regardless.

Special Considerations

Logo Design – All logos must either be designed by UNC Creative or be approved by UNC Creative/Branding. If you want an outside vendor to design a logo, you must get written approval from them and include it with the documentation. See “Custom Logos” at

Material Transfer Agreements – If your request requires you to sign an MTA, please make sure to submit it through the Office of Technology Commercialization first. See for details.

Unauthorized Purchases – If you did not follow procedure and get a PO beforehand, you will have to fill out Disposition of Unauthorized Commitment Form 1227.1.1f and supply it with the rest of the documentation.

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