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Staff and faculty mailboxes are in 148 Rosenau.

Student mailboxes are in the hall between 147 and 148 Rosenau.

Per UNC policy, please do not have personal mail or packages sent to the department.

Address for US Mail:
Your Name
CB 7431
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-7431


Look for the bins attached to the left of the wooden shelving in 148 Rosenau.

The top one is for mail addressed to other campus departments, which must have a CB number on it.

The middle one is for stamped US mail.

If you need to pay with UNC funds, give the mail to Robin Whitley along with the accounting information.

If you need to do a bulk mailing or have other special needs, talk to Robin Whitley.

Most lab orders go directly to the lab, but sometimes they come to 148 Rosenau instead. If we get a package with your name on it, we will email you. If it is temperature-sensitive and we cannot contact you, we will try to find someone from your lab to claim it.

If you expect a freight shipment (items over 150 lbs), please make sure you:

  • arrange for inside delivery
  • provide the shipper your direct contact information
  • notify Robin Whitley or SPH facilities.

Do not give the department’s FedEx number out unless you have checked with Robin Whitley.

Shipping Address

Your Name/Lab Name
Street Address
Room # and Building Name
Chapel Hill, NC 27599

If you expect something to go via the US Postal Service, please add CB# 7431.

Street Addresses

Hooker Research Center – 135 Dauer Dr.
McGavran-Greenberg Hall – 401 Pittsboro St.
Rosenau Hall – 421 Pittsboro St.

Note: The school uses 135 Dauer Dr. for all three buildings. but delivery people find it easier if you use the above addresses.

We use FedEx, but can use DHL for international shipping if necessary. For freight (items over 150 lbs) we can use YRC. See Robin Whitley if you need to use DHL or a freight option.

We do not have a UPS account.

The deadline for same-day pickup is 2:45 pm; see under “Pickups” for more information.


Each lab is responsible for its own packaging and materials. The preparer must take the EHS training to ship hazardous materials, including dry ice.


Pre-printed labels with the department’s FedEx number are available in 148 Rosenau.

Label envelopes and dry ice labels are available in 149 Rosenau on the shelves over the poster printer and copier.

Write your name and accounting information on the label (see a sample label). Give the top copy to Robin Whitley.

If you cannot do this yourself, Robin Whitley can generate labels using the online system. Please provide the appropriate information (see “Shipping Information”).


Pickups must be scheduled with FedEx. For same-day pickup, make sure to schedule as early that day as you can. Packages can be left outside the door of 148 Rosenau.

Call 1.800.GoFedEx (1.800.463.3339) and say “schedule a pickup.” Make sure you connect with the appropriate department for either Express or Ground; they are separate pickups.

Ground packages can never be picked up the same day they’re labeled.

If necessary, Robin Whitley can schedule pickups online, in which case the package must be at 148 Rosenau by 2:45 pm.

Shipping Information

Sender Name

Recipient Name
Recipient Address
Recipient Phone Number

Service Type (Overnight, 2-day, etc.)
Number of packages
Weight of each package (there is a scale in 148 Rosenau)

Weight of dry ice (if applicable)
Dry ice sticker (if applicable)

Accounting information (for internal billing)
Contents (if international shipping)
Hazardous material information (if applicable)

If you plan to ship something other than documents out of the country, you must follow a series of specific steps.

  1. Fill out the form at UNC Export Control to find out if you need an export license.
  2. If you are shipping something that could be potentially hazardous, contact Environment, Health, and Safety.
    • Give them the same information you gave Export Control.
    • Tell them if Export Control said you needed a license or not.
  3. Pack the shipment.
    • If it is hazardous, please make sure you are trained.
    • Attach any labels EHS told you to use.
    • Dry ice labels are on the back left shelf in Rosenau 149.
  4. Ask Robin for a shipping label. Please provide:
    • Address
    • Phone Number
    • Item Description
    • Customs Value
    • Letter to Customs (if recommended by EHS)
    • Weight of package (there is a scale in 148 Rosenau)
    • Weight of dry ice if necessary
    • Funding information (Project ID, cost center, or other)
    • Service Type (Overnight, 2-Day, etc.)
    • Make sure she knows you have already contacted Export Control and EHS.
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