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You must file for reimbursement within 30 days of the end of your trip.

Reimbursements happen after the trip, when the university pays you back for your expenditures.

If you received an advance, you must now account for all the money you received.

All receipts should have your name and show that the bill has been paid. A credit card or bank statement by itself is not sufficient documentation.


Airfare: All airfare should have been booked through Concur (unless you met one of the exceptions). If you met one of the exceptions, provide receipts and any other required documentation.

Ground transportation: If you drove your personal car, provide the origin, destination, and mileage of each leg of the trip. For rental cars, provide the rental receipts and any gas receipts you paid for. For taxis/rideshares, provide the origin and destination of each trip and include receipts. Write the tip on the receipt if it’s not already included.

Hotel: A booking or reservation is not a valid receipt. The hotel receipt should have your name as the occupant. If you shared a room and did not split the cost, we will need the details of the other person’s reimbursement. The receipt should list out the charges; a credit card receipt showing a lump sum is not sufficient as it may include laundry, meals, gift shop, movie rentals, etc. Note that if you are using federal per diem rates, you cannot be reimbursed more than the federal room rate. If you used an AirBNB and have not already uploaded the Third-Party Lodging Request Form, you will need to do this as part of the expense report. If your hotel bill is greater than $300/night, you will need to fill out the Excess Lodging Justification form.

Meals/Per diem: Meals are reimbursed at a fixed rate called per diem. For Concur instructions, see Using the Travel Wizard. (For a more in-depth explanation, see Understanding Per Diem.) No receipts are necessary unless the sponsor itself requires them (rare but possible).

Medical: If you are traveling internationally, you may be reimbursed for necessary vaccinations and prescriptions (such as antimalarial drugs). Provide receipts.

Other: Baggage fees, internet access, laundry (only for long international trips), parking, phone calls, phone cards (international only), and other miscellaneous expenses must be accompanied by receipts. Tips to airport employees are reimbursable at $2 a bag; no receipts are required.

Passport/visa fees: Provide receipts as best you can. This may include photo fees, mailing/shipping fees, etc. Multiple-entry visas will be reimbursed via a different mechanism and can be reimbursed before the trip. Single-entry visas will go on the travel and must wait until after the trip.

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