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Make sure you understand the basics listed under Student Travel. Those and the process after the trip will be the same. The only differences are listed below.

Please fill out the Travel Prompter (pre-trip) at least two weeks before you plan to travel. Include all your estimated expenses, including airfare, ground travel, etc.


An advance is a loan given before the trip. It comes as a physical check.

Students are eligible for advances for meals and lodging.

Advances must be accounted for within 30 days of the trip’s end.


UNC can pay airfare directly on behalf of a student or guest.

  1. Fill out the travel prompter.
  2. Wait for a response from your contact.
  3. Contact World Travel at to arrange your flight. They will ask for a CABS number; see step 4.
  4. Once you have chosen your flight from the options World Travel provides, send the itinerary (with cost estimate) to your ESE travel contact. They will provide the agency with the CABS number.


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