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The state of North Carolina does maintain a fleet of cars, although availability is not guaranteed. This is an option if you need a car long-term for a single project, such as daily sampling from a remote site, and you will have to fund it.

Note that the car is billed on a basis of 1050 miles per month and you must meet a minimum mileage of 3150 miles per quarter. You can see full details at Fleet Services. Please make sure you understand that you understand how the billing will work.

Acquiring a Car

  1. Review the Regulations to understand the responsibility of having a state vehicle assigned. Pay special attention to sections II, III, V, and VI.
  2. Complete the online FM30 form to request a vehicle.
    • Department: UNV UNC-CHAPEL HILL
    • Company 6020
    • Fund & Agency Management Unit 0000
    • Agency Program 000000, Funding Source 0000, Project 000000
  3. Select “Verify” on the bottom left of the form.
  4. Select “Print” at the top right of the page to print the form.
  5. The form must be signed by the assigned driver and the department head.
  6. Send the form and a copy of the assigned driver’s license to Alice Moore at
  7. She will obtain the Chancellor’s signature and send to Motor Fleet. Motor Fleet will email the Assigned To Person to schedule a pickup date.  If no vehicles are available your request will go on a waitlist.
  8. After you pick up the vehicle, email Alice Moore with the vehicle number and the chart field string that the car will be billed to.

Maintaining a Car

  • You must maintain a mileage log for the vehicle. At minimum, the log must include the date, driver, purpose, and miles driven for each trip.
  • Inspections and regular maintenance are the responsibility of the assigned driver. See the regulations for full details.
  • A credit card is provided with the car to pay for fuel.
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